Mulch Products

Robinson's Excavaing & Mulch offers dyed and bark mulch as well as wood chips. You can find more information below on the three types of mulch products we offer.

Triple dyed and ground hard wood mulch is made out of discarded wood and wood products such as pallets. It is run through a grinder to shred the material. Our mulch is triple ground to create fine uniform size pieces. Consistent color is achieved by dying the mulch, our triple dyed mulch comes in three colors:

  • Black 
  • Brown 
  • Red 

Bark mulch is made by “peeling” the bark of trees and running it through a grinder as few as one or as many as three times. Every time the bark is ground the size becomes more uniform and smaller.

We offer Single Ground which is dark brown in color, but not uniform in size. Single Ground mulch works well on steep banks or large areas where cost is a factor. Our single ground is not yard waste mulch, similar those offered at local municipalities.

We offer oak wood chips that are available for use in picnic or playground areas and dog runs. Please call for additional information on our mulch products or with any questions.