Earth Products

Robinson's Excavating & Mulch offers three soil products, based on availability and weather restrcitions.

  • Topsoil 
  • Compost
  • Mushroom Soil 

Field Grade Topsoil is available in small or large quantities; it is not screened to remove stones.

Mushroom soil is available and is comes straight from the mushroom farms here in Pennsylvania. Mushroom soil is often used as a soil amendment for growing turf particularly in soils with high clay content. It can also be used in planting beds. Because it is typically higher in salt concentration; it should be used cautiously with new plants or seedlings.

Compost is available and it comprised of yard waste and vegetables. It is regularly tested and the results are available upon request. It is screened through a 3/8” screener to remove stones. It is then cured to a temperature to remove weed seeds. Compost can be used as a standalone growing material or soil amendment. We frequently blend compost with topsoil to create a “super soil” that works well when planting new turf, over seeding problem areas, planting beds or planting containers. 

 Of course you can always your own blend based on your soil’s needs or specific plantings. Please call with any questions or to request additional information on our soil products.